Daily Archives: April 12, 2020

Scotland’s Way Forward: Visibility For The Transgender Community

Every year on 31 March, Transgender Day of Visibility is celebrated to honour the transgender community across the globe and recognize the challenges they face. Albeit an important day, what is questionable is how much it truly represents the community it strives to exhibit. Although we experience an explosion of […]

Somalia Drone Strikes Skyrocket Under Trump 1

The United States is currently waging active bombing campaigns over eight countries in two continents. One of those continents is Africa, and one of those countries is Somalia. The country has been ravaged by sectarian violence for quite some time now, and it is clear that the current American intervention […]

5G Conspiracy Theories Lead To Vandalism Of Wireless Towers in the U.K.

In April 2020, there are reports of more than 30 cases of vandalism against wireless towers and equipment in Britain. The rapid increase relates to online conspiracy theories linking the spread of COVID-19 to new 5G wireless technology. The conspiracy has gained ground due to widespread misinformation on social media. […]

Why Racial Connotations Are Preventing American People Of Colour From Wearing Face Masks Amidst COVID-19 Outbreak

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations outlining the use of homemade face masks in public to contain epidemic COVID-19 are not being followed by a number of American citizens. The Issue The United States have recently faced a severe escalation of positive-testing patients combined with a lack […]