Daily Archives: March 27, 2020

Twin Attacks In Nigeria And Chad Prove Boko Haram Is Alive And Still Dangerous

At least 50 Nigerian soldiers were killed in a recent ambush conducted by Boko Haram extremists in the country’s northern Yobe state, near the town of Goneri. Details of the attack were provided by a source from the Nigerian military on Monday, March 23rd, who claimed the attack occurred as […]

We Need To Get Rid Of Harmony Day

On 21st March 1960, protestors in Sharpeville, South Africa were demonstrating against the country’s discriminatory apartheid laws when police opened fire, killing 69 innocent people and wounding 180 more. Information and photos of what we now refer to as “The Sharpeville Massacre” circulated around the world, demonstrating the brutality of […]

COVID-19 In Latin America

What might happen in Latin America with weak economies, fragile public health systems, high rates of unemployment, and huge inefficiencies in the delivery of other public services, if the continent reaches a peak in the cases of coronavirus infections? Timeline Of Outbreak The first case of COVID-19 in Latin America […]