Daily Archives: March 10, 2020

Removing New Zealand’s Prisoner Voting Ban A Crucial Test For Democracy And Human Rights

In 2010, the National-led government banned prisoners from voting in a decision that has been repeatedly condemned by New Zealand’s Courts, academics and activists alike. Only after a decade and a continuous stream of evidence that the ban is undemocratic has the current Labour-led government decided to propose a change. […]

Enforced Secularism: Independent Journalist Detained On Extremist Charges In Tajikistan

Daler Sharifov, an independent journalist and free speech advocate, was arrested in Dushanbe on January 28. Sharifov, age 32, has been questioned by security forces and released on a number of previous occasions, says his wife Saida Kurbonova.  This time, he was tricked into an interrogation rather than receiving an […]