Daily Archives: March 7, 2020

The U.S. Is Obsessed With Its Own Exceptionalism. So Why Are its Presidential Candidates So Unexceptional?

According to Stephen Walt, “Most statements of “American exceptionalism” presume that America’s values, political system, and history are unique and worthy of universal admiration. They also imply that the United States is both destined and entitled to play a distinct and positive role on the world stage”. Although often denounced […]

The Impact Of Female Peace Movements In Bougainville

In a territory of just 9318km2, situated in the Asia-Pacific, Bougainville has undergone significant change in recent years, having witnessed the power and influence of female peace movements. The Bougainville Civil War of 1988-1998 resulted in the loss of over 15,000 lives through the conflict between the Bougainville Revolutionary Army […]

Chinese Uyghurs Moved Into Factory Forced Labor For Foreign Brands

Last Saturday, the Australian Strategic Policy Institute released a report that has since received international attention and concern. Titled Uyghurs For Sale, the report details three case studies of different factories or companies in China which have become increasingly reliant on extremely oppressive labor conditions for growth. China, for its […]