Day: February 18, 2020

Don’t Cry For Me Nicaragua, Stand Up For Me

Central America’s agricultural powerhouse, Nicaragua, has long been marked by civil conflict. Tensions between Nicaragua’s Campesinos and Indigenous population deepen as guerilla mobilization ensues. The most recent outbreak occurred on January 30th, when a group of 80 armed assailants raided the Mayangna commune and murdered six of its Indigenous people

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Israel-Palestine Trade War Escalates

Israel has moved to ban the trade of Palestinian produce through Jordan, the latest escalation in a trade war that has been brewing since October 2019. In October, the Palestinian Authority announced that Israeli calves would be boycotted, prompting Israeli officials to announce that all Palestinian agricultural imports would be

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First Turkish Casualties In Syria

On February 3rd, Turkey received news of 8 martyrs in bordering Syrian region, Idlib. According to the Turkish Ministry of National Defence, 7 military personnel and one civilian were killed, and 13 were wounded under Syrian fire. According to BBC Turkey, the Syrian army attacked a convoy of the reinforcement

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