Daily Archives: February 18, 2020

Don’t Cry For Me Nicaragua, Stand Up For Me

Central America’s agricultural powerhouse, Nicaragua, has long been marked by civil conflict. Tensions between Nicaragua’s Campesinos and Indigenous population deepen as guerilla mobilization ensues. The most recent outbreak occurred on January 30th, when a group of 80 armed assailants raided the Mayangna commune and murdered six of its Indigenous people […]

With Renewed Support From Catalan Separatists, Spain’s Sanchez Seeks Backing As PM

Pedro Sanchez, acting Prime Minister of Spain, has vowed to build a coalition government between Spain and Catalonia, ending months of stalled political advancement. Sanchez has received continued support from separatists, and this move to create the first Spanish coalition government would be groundbreaking. As the socialist leader, he has […]

Syrian Troops Push To Secure A Strategic Highway In Rebel-Controlled Territory

Syrian government forces recently took more new areas from the insurgents to gain control over a key highway in the northwestern region of the country. This government-led offensive began in December and created a humanitarian crisis, causing around 600,000 people to flee their homes. According to the United Nations, this […]