Day: February 14, 2020

Johnson Vows To Toughen Terror Rules After London Attack

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has vowed to crack down on terrorism rulings following a London terror attack. Days after extremist Sudesh Amman was released prior to the completion of his jail term, Johnson told the U.K. press that he had “come to the end of [his] patience” with the

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Pope Francis Turns Vatican Palace Into Homeless Shelter

Pope Francis converted a nineteenth-century palace in St. Peter’s Square, neighboring the Vatican, into a homeless shelter in the heart of Rome. For the past seven decades, the Palazzo Migliori was the home of the Calasanziane order of religious women. They vacated the building last year, and those in charge

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The Cyprus Energy Dispute: A Worrying Development?

Last week, France’s President Macron authorized the deployment of French warships to preserve the status quo on and around the divided island of Cyprus. Tensions are high in the region, with Turkey pressing its right to drill for hydrocarbons in waters claimed by the Greek and Greek Cypriot governments, and

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