Daily Archives: February 8, 2020

Netanyahu Criminally Indicted On Corruption Charges After Dropping Immunity Request

On Tuesday January 28th 2020, Benjamin Netanyahu was indicted on three separate corruption cases, becoming Israel’s first Prime Minister to be criminally charged while holding office. Attorney General Avichai Mandelbilt formally submitted the indictment after Netanyahu withdrew his request for parliamentary immunity, a move which Al-Monitor’s Akiva Eldar claimed was […]

Trump Administration Rolls Back Obama-Era Land Mine Restrictions

On Friday the 31st of January, the Trump Administration rolled back restrictions on American military use of anti-personnel land mines. These policies, set in place during the Obama Administration, ensured that the United States would no longer produce or acquire anti-personnel land mines, with the long-term aim of replacing U.S. […]

The “Demise Of The Political Left” In Latin America And Its Impact On The Economy

During the beginning of the twenty-first century, Latin America experienced an unprecedented period of economic growth and social development. Al Jazeera explains that what took place was “the building of a democratic culture, respect for the rule of law, economic independence and a redistribution of wealth.” However, there has been […]

West African Leaders Call For International Support To Help Stabilize Region

Stability in the West African Sahel region is teetering. The region encompasses Burkina Faso, Niger, Chad, Mauritania, and Mali. Droughts, and other effects of climate change, are contributing to rising levels of poverty in many West Africa countries. In turn, unemployed and poorly educated individuals become vulnerable to extremist ideology, […]