Daily Archives: February 7, 2020

Excessive Force Becoming The Norm On Both Sides Of Iraqi Protests 1

Iraq is no stranger to protests. Specifically, in recent months, anti-government protests have been gaining momentum all throughout the country. The people of Iraq are tired of waiting on their government to enact on promised reforms and free and fair elections. Since the beginning of the protests, hundreds have been […]

“Peace Transcends Politics”: Trump Releases “Ultimate Plan” For Peace In The Middle East, While Ulterior Motives Abound

Today, on 28 January, Donald Trump released a long-awaited, 80-page “peace plan” for the Middle East, claiming to seek to put an end to the Israeli-Palestine conflict. After holding separate talks in Washington, D.C. with the embattled Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his political opponent Benny Gantz, Trump revealed […]

Top UN Court Orders Myanmar To Protect Its Persecuted Rohingya Minority

The Gambia, supported by the 57-member Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), filed a lawsuit at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) late last year. The lawsuit accuses Myanmar of genocide against its Rohingya Muslim minority. In response, Naypyidaw, Myanmar’s capital, was ordered by the ICJ to “take all measures within […]

Hunger Crisis In South Africa

45 million people in South Africa are currently experiencing severe food insecurity. Hard hit countries include Eswatini, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe, where women and children are the worst affected. Drought, floods and political instability are to blame for the crisis, with these conditions expected to continue. […]

India’s Anti-CAA Protesters Launch Postcards To Prime Minister Modi Campaign

Protesters in India plan to launch a campaign to send thousands of postcards to Prime Minister Modi urging him to repeal the anti-Muslim Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). The campaign was started by an informal collective group called Friends of Shaheen Bagh. The protesters in the Shaheen Bagh area, a Muslim […]