Daily Archives: January 29, 2020

U.S. Targets Maduro-Picked Top Legislator, Six Others In Fresh Venezuelan Sanctions

The United States imposed sanctions on seven Venezuelan legislators on Monday, 13 January. The legislators were accused of leading a bid to seize control of Congress from Juan Guaidó, the U.S. backed opposition leader. On January 5th, the military blocked Guaidó from entering parliament to allow the Socialist Party to […]

Food (In)Security In South-East Asia

Food security grows increasingly more important in today’s interconnected world, especially in an age where demand for international exports and diverse cuisines is larger than ever. In southeast Asia, a region that hosts some of the largest populations in the world, access to food is essential to continue global security. […]

Russia Backs India For Permanent United Nations Security Council Seat 1

Speaking at the fifth Raisina Dialogue recently, an annual conference held in New Delhi to discuss geopolitical and economic issues, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov announced that India should be given a permanent seat on the UN Security Council. Lavrov cited the underrepresentation of developing countries as the primary reason […]