Daily Archives: January 28, 2020

Palestine Contests The Announcement of Seven New Nature Reserves In West Bank

Recently outlined Israeli plans to establish seven new nature reserves in the occupied West Bank have been swiftly and vehemently denounced by Palestine authorities, who have pledged to take the issue to the International Criminal Court (ICC). Naftali Bennett, Israel’s Defence Minister and leader of the right-wing New Right Party, […]

Diego: Galapagos Species-Saving Giant Tortoise Returns Home

Long before the Galapagos National Park was created in 1959, several tortoises were extracted from the Galapagos Islands with scientific purposes. Diego, a giant tortoise over 100 years old native to the Galapagos Island, was one of them. More than 80 years ago, he was extracted from the archipelago to […]

U.S. Coercion: Trump Threatened Tariffs On European Powers Over Iran Deal

Shortly following the U.S. assassination of top Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, three European signatories to the Iran Nuclear Deal, France, Britain, and Germany, announced that they would be triggering the dispute resolution mechanism within the treaty. The dispute mechanism will mean that the signatories have 30 days to resolve the […]