Daily Archives: December 27, 2019

Erdogan Issues Warning Turkey Cannot Withstand New ‘Refugee Wave’ from Syria

On Sunday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned that the country could not handle the newest wave of refugees coming into Turkey from Syria. Erdogan said Turkey “will not bear all alone the burden,” thereby warning other European countries that they will also feel the influx of as many as […]

Sudanese Peace Talks Progress To The Next Stage

The Sudanese government has extended a major ceasefire agreement with the Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF) which may mark the beginning of the end for fighting that has ravaged the impoverished Sudanese people since 1983. The treaty, initially signed early September, aimed at creating a diplomatic path for the integration of […]

Burundian Refugees Forced To Flee Tanzania

Tanzania has been home to hundreds of thousands of refugees over decades and offered citizenship to tens of thousands since 1972. Recently, Tanzania has begun coercively expelling refugees, and 163,000 Burundians have left fearing arrest or deportation. This comes following the October 11th comment by President John Magufuli that Burundian […]