Daily Archives: December 19, 2019

Queensland Passes New Laws In Face Of Environmental Protests

In response to increasing protests by environmentalists, lawmakers in Queensland, Australia recently passed new legislation that instated potential prison sentences for protestors that use “dangerous devices.” According to Al Jazeera, items “such as the lock-on devices that activists use to attach themselves to each other or immovable objects” are the […]

Malta’s Parliament Under Seige

Over the course of the past two weeks, Malta’s Parliament has experienced mass protests from over 4,000 citizens demanding the Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat, step down from office immediately. Whilst these protests have led to Muscat’s 1 December announcement that he will resign, this promise will only take effect on […]

Taliban Attack On U.S. Military Airbase Outlines The Futility Of Peace Talks

Two Afghan civilians have been killed and 73 others injured in a suicide bombing conducted by the Taliban near a key U.S. military airbase. The target in question—the Bagram Airbase—is the largest U.S. military base in Afghanistan. The attack comes as the negotiations between the U.S. and Taliban delegations in […]

Iraqi Deaths Amidst Crackdown On The Tishreen Revolution

Since the eruption of anti-government protests in October, up to 400 people have been killed and upwards of 15000 have been injured according to the UN. There were a multitude of reasons for the initial protests – economic hardship, unemployment, corruption, a lack of basic infrastructure, perceived Iranian influence on […]

Why Is The U.S. Occupying Syria’s Oil Fields?

On Saturday, a large U.S. convoy entered Syria to deploy additional military reinforcements to the oil fields in Northeastern Syria, Turkish, and Syrian media reported. The convoy crossed over from the Iraqi border and was transporting pick-up trucks, minibusses, and oil rigs. The move comes as a follow up to […]

Tiktok Activism: Teen Uses TikTok App To Shine A Light On Persecution Of Uighurs In China

On 23rd November Feroza Aziz, 17, posted a seemingly innocuous make-up video titled “Why Won’t Anyone Talk About This?” on the social media app Tiktok. However, within the first few seconds of the video, she sets down her eyelash curler and urges her viewers to “use your phone to search […]