Daily Archives: November 27, 2019

Foreign Policy – The Issue Nobody’s Talking About In The U.K. General Election

With the announcement of the various parties’ manifestos in the last week, it is Labour’s commitment to a new foreign policy approach which is arguably the most radical departure from the status quo of recent decades. The commitment to bring an end to what is termed the “bomb first, talk […]

Tensions Rise In Colombia As Protests Become Dangerous

Safety concerns are rising in Colombia’s capital, Bogota, as clashes between anti-government protestors and security forces become violent. It is a fearful time for citizens and protestors as the situation grows in danger. BBC has reported that Colombia President, Ivan Duque, has ordered security forces to continue to patrol streets […]

Spanish High Court Investigates Russian Interference In Catalonia Independence Movement

Spanish Newspaper ‘El País’ this week revealed that the Spanish High Court, known as the ‘Audiencia Nacional’, is investigating Russian interference in the Catalan independence movement. Although the investigation is strictly confidential, three sources, including a judge, have spoken to ‘El País’ to confirm that investigators are examining evidence of […]