Daily Archives: November 15, 2019

French Police Clear Migrant Makeshift Camps In Northern Paris

On 6 November, the French government announced an outline for stricter immigration and migration policy, and just one day later, French police vacated two migrant camps in northern Paris. Nearly 600 officers arrived at around 6:00 a.m. on 7 November to begin escorting migrant families and individuals from the camps […]

Mexico’s Battle To Combat Cartel Violence

While organized crime leads Mexico to its deadliest year, communities surrounded by cartel activity continue to be severely affected. A Mormon colony, whose settlement in Northern Mexico dates back to the early 1900s, suffered tragic losses on Monday when heavily armed gunmen fired about 200 bullets at families travelling along […]

Analysis Of Canada’s Arms Trade With Saudi Arabia

(Written in the POV of Global Affairs Canada) The Department of Global Affairs Canada under North America, Trade Policy and Negotiations (TND) has prepared the following paper in order to discuss how best to move forward with Canada’s arms deal with Saudi Arabia. This issue is important because it gained […]