Daily Archives: November 10, 2019

Cameroon’s Deepening Humanitarian Crisis

On Tuesday 5th November, UNICEF announced that the humanitarian crisis in the northwest and southwest of Cameroon had increased 15-fold since 2017 and was now affecting 1.9 million civilians. Ongoing violence between government forces, anglophone insurgencies and an added layer of Boko Haram have resulted in 855,000 children being unable […]

Italian Senator And Holocaust Survivor Receives Police Protection After Anti-Semitic Death Threats

When an 89-year-old Holocaust survivor proposes a political commission on anti-racism and anti-hatred, you would imagine that the motion would get wide support. That was not the case in Milan, Italy this week. Liliana Segre, an Italian senator, instead needs a police escort of two paramilitary officers because of death […]

Metro Fares: The Turning Point For Chile

Chile is currently witnessing the largest protests it has ever seen in its history. More than five percent of the country’s population, totaling over one million people, marched peacefully in Chile’s capital Santiago on 25 October 2019. The protests were triggered by a $0.04 increase in the Santiago metro fare. […]