Daily Archives: October 31, 2019

Why Is This Small African Nation Taking Myanmar To The ICJ And Where Is The Rest Of The World?

The small West African nation of the Gambia, has filed a charge to take Myanmar to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to face charges for the crime of Genocide. The Gambia has its own recent history of serious human rights violations. The former Jammeh regime was characterized by extrajudicial […]

France Under Fire For ‘Historic Error’ With Balkan EU Hopefuls 1

More than 20 years after former Yugoslavia’s tragic war, the Balkan countries involved are still experiencing the consequences. Albania and North Macedonia faced opposition by French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday after attempting to progress into the EU. Macron’s decision to reject accession negotiations received a backlash from fellow EU […]

23 Candidates Qualify For Algerian Presidential Elections Amidst Protests 1

Algeria’s electoral authority has announced that 23 candidates have qualified for the country’s controversial presidential elections which are set to be held on December 12. The decision has come amid fierce protests in the capital, Algiers, marking the 36th consecutive round of weekly anti-government demonstrations. Protesters have called for an […]