Daily Archives: October 25, 2019

U.S. Condemns Beijing’s Response To Hong Kong Protests With New Pro-Democracy Legislation

Last Tuesday, the American House of Representatives passed legislation condemning the Hong Kong government’s response to pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act and other resolutions were passed through a voice vote, with rare bipartisan support, purport to support the protests in several ways. […]

Abortion And Same-Sex Marriage Legalized In Northern Ireland

At midnight this past Monday, an amendment to legalize same-sex marriage and abortion in Northern Ireland went into effect. At that time, all existing investigations and prosecutions against women who have had or sought abortions were dropped. According to the New York Times, full abortion services are scheduled to be […]

U.S Catching Up In The Scramble For The Arctic

What is now being dubbed the scramble for the Arctic, a not so subtle reference to the scramble for Africa by European countries in the 19th century, is the increasing military and economic presence by world powers in the Arctic region. The increasing push into the Arctic has been enabled […]

IMF’s Economic Outlook: Regional Inequality And Weak Global Growth

The International Monetary Fund has stated that the global economy is facing a synchronized slowdown, and has accordingly reduced its growth projections to just 3 percent, the slowest pace of economic expansion since the Global Financial Crisis of 2008.  This is occurring in the context of weakening industrial production, escalating […]

South Sudan Rape Victims Abandoned By Government

 *Trigger warning: the article contains information that may distress some readers. South Sudanese women and girls unfortunately are soft targets for unspeakable sexual violence. The crime has witnessed an “upsurge [particularly] after warring leaders signed an agreement to end five years of conflict in the country,” in late 2019. Despite […]

Catalan Separatists Continue To Protest And Violence With Police Escalates

In the seventh consecutive night of protests in Barcelona, violent clashes continue to reign in the city and other Catalan cities. In the latest news, Spain’s government refused President of Catalonia Quim Torra’s request to negotiate with the pro-independence movement, and therefore more demonstrations should be expected from the separatist […]