Day: October 22, 2019

Beijing Threatens Uyghurs In Diaspora As Part Of Xinjiang Crackdown

The human rights crisis and war of misinformation continue in Xinjiang province, western China, as the government of the People’s Republic has reportedly begun to put pressure on ethnic Uyghurs in Europe. The Guardian reported that individuals living outside the Uyghur homeland have received threats against the safety of their

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NBA In Strife After The Hong Kong Issue Comes Into Play

In an extraordinary twist to the seemingly never-ending protests in Hong Kong, The American National Basketball Association (NBA) has been financially punished by China in retaliation for activism supporting the protest movement. On October 4, Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey posted a now-deleted tweet saying ‘FIGHT FOR FREEDOM STAND

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Mozambique Elections: A Test For Peace

Voting for the 2019 parliamentary, presidential and provincial elections in Mozambique commenced this week, amid concerns about the legitimacy of the electoral process and fears of potential instability. In a climate of insecurity in the lead up to the election, observers fear that electoral misconduct will see the end to

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Fear And Loathing As Democratic Candidates Debate Foreign Policy

At the fourth round of presidential debates for the Democratic Party, held on October 15th, candidates finally weighed in on some foreign policy issues.  Recently, as President Trump announced the withdrawal of military personnel from Syria, debate, or rather a unification of positions, occurred around this development.  Russian election interference

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