Day: October 20, 2019

State Of Emergency Declared In Chile After Waves of Protests

A state of emergency has been declared by Chilean President Sebastián Piñera, after days of violence and protests in the country, sparked by a rise in public transport fares. The measures, which will last for a total of fifteen days, include a restriction on freedom of movement, as well as

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Trump’s Removal Of U.S. Military Forces From North-eastern Syria: The Implications Of Impulsive Decision-making

Last weekend, President Trump announced that he would retract one thousand troops from north-eastern Syria, where the U.S. military fought ISIL with the Kurdish-run Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) for five years. The retraction welcomes Ankara’s long-planned offensive to set up a thirty-two-kilometre “safe-zone” past Turkey’s shared border with north-eastern Syria,

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Amidst A Tenuous Ceasefire In North-eastern Syria, Conflict Continues

The situation in north-eastern Syria continues to worsen amidst a temporary ceasefire. The ceasefire, reached on Thursday, calls for the withdrawal of Kurdish fighters from an area of land that runs 30km into Syria and spans 440km of the Turkish-Syrian border. If this has not occurred by Tuesday, Turkey will

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