Daily Archives: October 14, 2019

Catalan Separatist Leaders Sentenced To 13 Years In Prison

On Monday 14 October, Spain’s Supreme Court announced the sentencing of several Catalan separatist leaders. Together, they received a total of 100 years in prison, with the former vice-president of Catalonia, Oriol Junqueras, receiving 13 years alone. The long-awaited verdict has sparked outrage amongst the Catalan population, and many have […]

The U.S. To Send More Troops To Saudi Arabia

The U.S. have announced that an extra 1,800 troops will be deployed to Saudi Arabia, making the total amount of personnel sent to the country this month approximately 3,000. In a statement released on Friday by the Pentagon, it was announced that in addition to the deployment of soldiers, technology, […]

U.S. Judges Block Trump Administration’s “Public Charge” Rule

On Friday, CBS reported that Judge George Daniels of the U.S. District Court in Manhattan issued a nationwide injunction prohibiting the Trump administration from enforcing the “public charge” rule, which was set to go into effect 15 October. Judge Rosanna Malouf Peterson, a federal judge in Washington state, and Judge […]

Extinction Rebellion Demands Change In London

This Monday, Extinction Rebellion (XR) has commenced their two-week stream of protests in London blockading entrances to Capitol buildings and disrupting traffic to ensure that they do not go unnoticed. XR is a relatively recent climate activist group, only founded in 2018, but has caught the attention of many that […]