Daily Archives: October 1, 2019

Mexican State Of Oaxaca Passes Abortion Bill

In Mexico, the southern state of Oaxaca decriminalized abortion in a 24-10 vote in the state legislature, on September 25 2019. Abortion restrictions during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy were lifted. This decision makes this state only the second part of Mexico to decriminalize abortion. Mexico City, capital of […]

Pope Unveils Monument Honouring Migrants In St. Peter’s Square

Pope Francis and the Vatican presented a new monument facing the Basilica in St. Peter’s Square honoring migrants of the world throughout history. The BBC reports that the piece, entitled “Angels Unaware” was made of bronze by the Canadian artist, Timothy P. Schmalz and meant to depict one hundred forty […]

Nigerian Man Found Dead In U.K. Detention Centre

Oscar Okwurime, a 34 year old Nigerian man, was recently found dead in Harmondsworth detention centre, one of the largest detention centres in the United Kingdom located next to Heathrow airport. Although the cause of Okwurime’s death is yet to be examined, the Home Office are said to be investigating […]

Al-Shebab Launches Attack Against U.S. Base In Baledogle

On Monday, members of the armed group Al-Shebab attacked a U.S. military special forces base located in Baledogle, Somalia. While there were no immediate casualties as a result of the attack, the attackers used car bombs to breach the outside gates of the base. Though the blasts and the gunfire […]