Day: September 5, 2019

U.S. Agrees To Large-Scale Troop Withdrawal From Afghanistan

On Monday, a deal was reached between the United States and Afghan Taliban for the U.S. to withdraw 5,400 soldiers and close five bases. This is the latest development in the story of continuing negotiations that began in Qatar late last year. The United States’ special envoy to Afghanistan, the

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ICC Prosecutor To Reconsider Raid On Gaza Aid Flotilla Case

On Monday, appeal judges of the International Criminal Court ordered the tribunal’s prosecutor to reconsider whether Israel should face charges over the 2010 attack on an aid flotilla in route to the naval blockaded Gaza Strip. Mavi Marmara, one of the six ships of the small fleet, was stormed by

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Peace Through Education – How Education Revolutionizes Peace Efforts

The twentieth century witnessed some of humanity’s most horrific forms of violence, in response to the increasing severity of modern weaponry. Education quickly became a non-violent alternative for promoting long-lasting peace. The father of modern education, 17th-century philosopher Jan Amos Comenius argued that the road to peace was through shared

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Nothing New

We all saw a few days ago how the social media went crazy with hashtags regarding the Amazon rainforest and the fires that were taking place in the Brazilian Amazon. #PrayForTheAmazon, #PrayforAmazonia, and #SaveTheAmazon were some of the statements that became viral on Twitter and Instagram and were used to

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