Daily Archives: September 5, 2019

Amazon Wildfires: Bolsonaro´s Dispute With NGOs And The International Community 1

The skies turned unusually dark in the early afternoon in Sao Paulo this past Wednesday, due to the intense smoke coming from ongoing wildfires in the Amazon.  The Amazon rainforest, also known as “the lungs of the world”, provides approximately 20% of the oxygen in the atmosphere. Due to its […]

Peace Through Education – How Education Revolutionizes Peace Efforts

The twentieth century witnessed some of humanity’s most horrific forms of violence, in response to the increasing severity of modern weaponry. Education quickly became a non-violent alternative for promoting long-lasting peace. The father of modern education, 17th-century philosopher Jan Amos Comenius argued that the road to peace was through shared […]

Climate Change Activists Plan To Target Heathrow Airport With Drones

Environmental campaigners are planning to fly drones around Heathrow airport in an attempt to ground flights. These activists, from ‘Heathrow Pause’ – a splinter group of Extinction Rebellion – say that they plan to operate small toy drones from 3am on Friday 13th September onwards, expecting the action to last […]

Brazilian Government Denies Millions In Amazon Aid Despite Devastating Fires

As the fires continue to remain ablaze in the Amazon, infamously known as the lungs of our Earth, Brazilian government boldly rejected $20 million in foreign aid according to CNN. Presidential spokesperson Otavio Rego Barros stated that acceptance of the funds would infringe on the autonomy and decision making of […]