Daily Archives: September 3, 2019

Indigenous Australian Imprisonment Rates Are The Highest In The World: A Justice Reinvestment Approach is Needed

Indigenous Australians are the most imprisoned people in the world as the country enters “a second convict age”, a federal parliamentarian has revealed in a paper published on August 26. Labor Frontbencher and economist Dr. Andrew Leigh’s analysis of Australian Bureau of Statistics data shows that the rate of indigenous […]

The UK Reacts Over Boris Johnson’s Controversial Decision To Suspend Parliament

Days ago, new prime minister Boris Johnson made a controversial decision to suspend both the Commons and Lords for more than a month in the run-up to the date of EU withdrawal – reports the Independent. The decision was approved by the Queen at a private session of the Privy […]

Truth And Reconciliation Hearings Underway In The Gambia

This week in the Gambia, testimonies continue in front of the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC) to uncover the truth about the crimes committed under former president Yahya Jammeh’s regime. The formation of the TRRC in the Gambia follows in the footsteps of numerous countries after long periods of […]

Data Privacy Issues In Education System Putting Children At Risk

Cybersecurity issues are so widespread that they are even harmful to children in schools. The modern education system tends to provide documents over the internet which provides easy-going and efficiency for both the students and the teachers. However, with this convenience comes a threat. Online criminals could use the data […]

Amazon Wildfires Threaten Indigenous Peoples

Ongoing wildfires in the Amazon rainforest have been such in magnitude that they have raised significant environmental concerns, including threatening the Indigenous tribes residing in it. The fires have been raging across the Amazon, which spans many South American countries, although the focus has remained largely on the rainforest that […]

The Amazonian Region Suffocates In The Name Of Bolsonaro’s Collective Project  1

More than 75,000 fires have been recorded in the Amazon Forest since January 2019. This equals an 84% increase compared to last year. Global media outrage, presenting the events as worthy of, and urging for universal empathy and concern, has had the merit of drawing attention towards Brazil, calling all […]