Daily Archives: August 27, 2019

Recommended Approaches To Improve National Data Privacy 1

National security is no longer just about considering safety in the physical sense, especially when most business and commercial operations are accomplished virtually, via the internet and telecommunications. There are many measures countries can take to protect their national data and meta-data from third party attackers. Integrating Cyber Security into the […]

The Uluru Climb: Another Political Stunt By Pauline Hanson 1

In her campaign against the impending climbing ban placed on Uluru, last week Pauline Hanson travelled to the Northern Territory. Her sights were set on hiking up the iconic Australian natural landmark. It is a decision which has been criticized as an attention-seeking ploy that clearly disregards Indigenous cultural sensitivities. […]

Japan Protests As South Korea Begins Military Drills Around Disputed Islands 1

The Takeshima/Dokdo group of islets have been a flashpoint in South Korean-Japanese relations since 2001, when the islets were included in Japan’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ), as well as in Japanese history, geography, and civics textbooks, regardless of the fact that South Korea had maintained effective control over the disputed […]