Daily Archives: August 8, 2019

Food Aid Cry Or Resource Management Cry; Zimbabweans Question The Government

Zimbabwe was once the breadbasket of South Africa, but over the past two decades agriculture harvests have suffered. The battle for food due to the devastating tropical cyclone Idai, drought, and the high inflation rate is an unfriendly attack to the Zimbabweans in 2019. Recently, the World Food Programme (WFP) […]

Senate Fails To Override Trump’s Veto Of Saudi Arms Sales Bills

On Monday, July 29, the United States Senate failed to override three of Trump’s vetoes of Saudi arms sales legislation. The bipartisan coalition supporting the regulation of arms sales needed a two-thirds majority to overturn the vetoes, but they fell short with votes of 45-40, 45-39, and 46-41. Politico reports […]

Russia Arrests Hundreds As Crackdown On Pro-Democracy Protests Continues

Police in Moscow arrested hundreds over the weekend as the Kremlin continued its crackdown on recent protests calling for free elections in the city. At least 828 people were arrested according to independent monitoring group OVD-info. Russian police presented the lower figure of 600 arrests, with 1,500 protestors in attendance, […]