Daily Archives: July 30, 2019

Iran Denounces Proposed Gulf EuroFleet

On Sunday, Iran denounced the British-led proposed ‘EuroFleet’ as “provocative” and “hostile”. The proposal outlined a plan to have European-led naval ships escort tankers in the Gulf amid soaring tensions over the seizure of ships. More specifically, this proposal is a direct response to Iran’s seizure of a U.K. vessel […]

Poland: A Peaceful LGBTQ March Turns Into A Nightmare 2

 On July 20th, a milestone for the Podlachia region, known for its conservatism and for being a stronghold of Polish nationalism, was completely disrupted. Białystok’s first-ever ‘Equality March’ was scheduled for 2:30pm on that day. Eggs, stones, glass bottles and dozens of firecrackers were aimed at LGBTQ supporters by football fans […]