Daily Archives: July 26, 2019

Grandi Calls For Equitable Sharing Of Refugees, Furthering The Resettlement Dilemma

The untamable refugee crisis around the globe continues to be a huge concern for the international community. Though the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR )can be applauded for working tirelessly to protect the basic rights of refugees (food, clothes, health, education etc), the permanent resettlement of refugees into […]

Mixed Reaction For Incumbent Prime Minister Boris Johnson

New U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has inherited the ongoing Brexit dilemma as well as a gradually crumbling domestic economy. Three years after the Brexit referendum to leave the European Union, almost no progress has been made, and two Prime Ministers have been pushed into resignation. Johnson faces the momentous […]

Integrated Armed Group Leader Increases Civilian Deaths In Central African Republic

Was the African Union-mediated Peace accord signed in February 2018 after a lengthy 18 months talk between 14 armed groups and the central governments to prevent civilian attacks a regrettable step or a commendable action? This remains questionable as one of the three armed-group leaders given a key government position […]