Daily Archives: July 23, 2019

Hong Kong Protests: Masked Attackers Beat Commuters Whilst Police ‘Stood By’

Pro-democracy activists and lawmakers in Hong Kong have claimed that the police stood by, unacceptably slow to act, whilst men dressed in white attacked commuters on Sunday evening leaving 45 people admitted to hospital with one critically injured. A video emerging from Hong Kong media shows men in masks entering […]

Urban Guerrilla Warfare: The Threat Of The Future? 1

With unprecedented levels of connectivity and digital literacy globally, the way in which potential threats and conflict are being planned and exercised have drastically evolved. Despite the current global security environment being geared towards peace keeping and counterinsurgency, the ability of non-state actors to coordinate and carry out damaging attacks […]

Zelenskiy’s Party Set To Win In Ukraine’s Snap Parliamentary Election

On Sunday July 21, Ukraine held a snap parliamentary election that is expected to strengthen President Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s hold onto power, allowing him to address Ukraine’s weak economy and its military conflict with Russia-led separatists.  Zelenskiy, a comedian who played a fictional teacher-turned-president on a television series, had no political […]

Trump Administration’s New Rule Ends Asylum Seeking At Southern Border

As the Trump Administration continues their attempts to limit the influx of refugees entering the U.S.-Mexico border, the President has made the controversial decision of reversing decades of U.S. policy by ending asylum protection for migrants arriving at this common point of entry. The announcement came on Monday July 15, stating […]