Daily Archives: July 19, 2019

The U.A.E. Pulls Back From The War In Yemen 1

The United Arab Emirates has decided to start pulling out troops from the devastating war in Yemen, but has denied full withdrawal from the conflict. In doing so, the U.A.E. has now left the fight against Houthi rebels up to Saudi Arabian forces backed by the United States. However, the […]

Governor Of Rio Refers To Increase In Police Killings As “Normal”

As a rise in police killings plagues Rio de Janeiro, Wilson Witzel, the current far-right Governor, has claimed that the increase in his state in Brazil is “normal” and simply a consequence of confronting drug-trafficking groups, who he refers to as “terrorists.” Witzel has compared these drug dealers to Lebanon’s […]

Chavismo Died With Chavez

Starvation, hyperinflation, disease and crime are just some of the problems Venezuelans face in the wake of the country’s worst crisis in its 208 year history. Likened to the economic devastation of war-torn Bosnia, the IMF estimates that the country will reach 44.3% unemployment by the end of 2019. With […]

Education Of Women And Girls Essential Piece In Development Puzzle

The question of how to successfully assist states as they develop has plagued experts and organizations for years. Each state is home to its own set of culturally specific circumstances, meaning that the process of development can not simply be achieved with a substantial wad of cash and a team […]

Democratic Recession In Southeast Asia And The Indonesian Anomaly

Illiberal, strongman populism has taken hold across Southeast Asia over the past half-decade, with many hybrid states backsliding and others entrenching further into authoritarianism. The factors instigating this democratic recession are varied across the Southeast Asian region and rely upon each State’s political history, culture and ethnic composition. Whereas Myanmar’s […]

Inhumane Living Conditions Of Migrant children In Yuma Detention Center Spark Public Concern

The United States maintains the largest undocumented immigration detention infrastructures in the world. There were an estimated 363 or more detention sites in operation within 2007-2009. Children constitute the largest migrant population, and even though the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has not been open to publicizing up-to-date figures of […]