Daily Archives: July 14, 2019

Thousands March In Hong Kong To Draw Mainland Chinese Attention

In recent weeks, Hong Kong has become a hotspot for protests. In the most recent mass demonstration, organizers stated that some 230,000 people were drawn to march. With that being said, police forces estimated only 56,000 protestors. Regardless of the size, this was a protest of peaceful civil disobedience. The […]

Media Censorship In Pakistan Continues Unabated

On Monday this week, three major Pakistani news channels were airing an interview with jailed ex-president Nawaz Sharif, when they were suspended for between six to eight hours. The suspension has been heavily criticized by media watchdogs, but it is only the latest example of censorship in Pakistan. Over the […]

China’s Social Credits: Indoctrination In The 21st Century

As a digital iron curtain descends with the balkanization of internet regimes globally, the ability of connectivity and digital literacy to grant or restrict freedoms has never been more apparent. In China, this is visible in the introduction of the Social Credit System (SCS), expected to be fully operational by […]

Mike Pompeo Aims To Redefine Unalienable Rights With New Commission

On Monday the U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated that the Trump administration has created the Commission on Unalienable Rights to investigate the extent to which human rights contribute to American foreign policy. This will be the most comprehensive review of human rights since the 1948 Universal Declaration of […]

Turkish Acceptance Of Russian Missile System Threatens Ties To NATO

On Friday, the Turkish Defence Ministry announced that it had taken delivery of the first shipment of material related to the Russian S-400 air defence system. Two more deliveries are meant to occur, meaning this new missile system will be ready by October this year. This move, while planned for […]

Amnesty International Releases ‘They Just Kill’ Report On The Philippine Anti-Drug Effort

Amnesty International recently detailed the results of their latest investigations into the Philippines’ ‘war on drugs’ in their report ‘They Just Kill’. The report alleges that, per the Philippine National Police’s (PNP) own statistics, at least 6600 civilians, mostly impoverished, have been killed in extrajudicial police shootings. Amnesty further contends […]

22 Countries Condemn Chinese Detention Centers for Ethnic Minorities

Earlier this week, the envoys for 22 countries signed a letter to the U.N. Human Rights Council condemning Chinese detention centers where over one million people from the Uyghur minority ethnic group are thought to be detained in the Xinjiang region. The letter calls on China to immediately halt these […]

Kyriakos Mitsotakis Sworn In As Greece’s New Prime Minister

Kyriakos Mitsotakis was sworn in as the new Prime Minister of Greece on Monday, following Sunday’s election. Mitsotakis’ party, New Democracy, received 39.8% of the nationwide vote and will hold 158 seats in the country’s parliament. The runner-up party, Syriza, received 31% of the vote and is led by previous […]