Day: July 6, 2019


On Friday, June 14th, women in Switzerland began a day of demonstrations against gender inequality. These protests come after 28 years after a similar protest was held where half a million women took to the streets in order to fight for the acceleration of acceptance in 1991. During that time,

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At Least 50 People Killed In Airstrike In Libya

Air strikes near the Libyan capital, Tripoli, have killed at least 60 migrants and refugees and wounded nearly 80 more, according to Al Jazeera. Two attacks hit an unoccupied garage and a hanger at the Tajoura detention center. As bodies continue to be pulled from the rubble, the death toll,

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Taliban Attack In Kabul Kills 16 And Leaves At Least 105 Injured

The Taliban have claimed responsibility for a car bomb blast and a ground assault near the Afghan Ministry of Defense logistics center. According to the country’s Ministry of Interior Affairs, the attack killed 16 and injured at least 105. Among the casualties were 51 children and 5 women, stated government

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