Day: July 2, 2019

Turkey’s Opposition Strikes Blow To Erdogan With Istanbul Mayoral Win

Last week, Turkey’s Republican People’s Party struck President Tayyip Erdogan with a harsh blow by winning control of Istanbul in its controversial re-run mayoral election. This victory for the opposition breaks the president’s “aura of invincibility” and delivers a message from Turkish voters who are unhappy over Erdogan’s increasing grip

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Mumbai Floods Have Claimed The Lives Of 27 People So Far

The heaviest rainfall in a decade has killed at least 27 people and caused major disruption in Mumbai and the surrounding areas. Monsoon rains, which usually run from June to September, have weakened structural foundations, with one wall collapsing and killing 18 people; flooded roads and transport systems; and disrupted

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Bodies In Water: Humanizing Refugees

Earlier last week, a single photo reminded the world of the real people affected by extreme and inhumane border policies. In what has horrifically been labelled as “America’s own Alan Kurdi moment”, Julia Le Duc’s photo captures the lifeless bodies of a Salvadorian migrant father and daughter. Óscar Alberto Martínez

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