Daily Archives: June 30, 2019

Women Are The Key To Unlocking Peace 2

The adoption of UN Security Resolution 1325 was supposed to be a turning point for women as it affirmed that women hold a unique experience during and after times of conflict. The resolution called for the strengthening of women’s and girls’ protection from conflict-related sexual violence and women’s equal participation […]

Russian Air Force Planes Land In Venezuela

Just earlier this week, a Russian Air Force jet arrived in Venezuela’s main airport in Caracas city. This has caught the watchful eye of many major countries as the Russian-Venezuelan relationship could pose a danger to democracies globally. Venezuela’s state has been suffering since 2014, caused mainly by the rocky […]

Crisis In Australia’s Offshore Detention Centers 1

On June 26 2019, President of the United States Donald Trump tweeted, “These flyers depict Australia’s policy on Illegal Immigration. Much can be learned!” along with pictures of flyers distributed by the Australian government. The flyers had foreboding statements such as “You will not make Australia home”, “You won’t be […]

Overseas Democracy Promotion Forgotten In “America First” Era

The Trump administration has exhibited a sharp departure from the United States’ legacy of overseas democracy promotion since taking office in 2017. As the title suggests, this “America First” presidency is based squarely around the fulfilment of U.S.-centric objectives, with a shrinking degree of attention reserved for matters carried out […]

Georgia Announces Electoral Reform Amid Protests

Georgia’s ruling party, Georgian Dream,  announced on 24 June changes to the electoral system, making parliamentary elections fully proportional.  Currently, only 77 of the Georgian parliament’s 150 seats are awarded proportionally and the rest by single-seat constituencies.  The changes were announced in order to appease protesters who started demonstrating outside […]

U.S. And Taliban Gather In Qatar For Latest Round Of Peace Talks

A delegation of political leaders from the U.S., Taliban, and Afghan government convened in Doha, Qatar beginning 29 June for a seventh round of peace talks aimed at ending the nearly two decade-long conflict in Afghanistan. The meeting comes at a time when violence continues to ravage Afghan communities. U.S. […]

US-Led “Peace To Prosperity” Meeting Has No Substance for Peace

As part of the White House’s “Peace to Prosperity” plan to boost Palestinian investment, a two-day workshop in Bahrain earlier this week has failed to promote co-operative peace talks in the region with Palestinian leadership boycotting the event. According to a White House statement, the meeting was supposed to “facilitate […]

Big Data And The Sustainable Development Goals 2

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) outline explicit, time-bound, and measurable targets for national development plans in sync with global concerns for climate security, equality, and development. With 169 multi-dimensional targets to be achieved by 2030, this ambitious program requires 232 statistical indicators or performance metrics from every country to monitor progress […]

The True Cost Of Fast Fashion 1

Last week, ministers rejected recommendations from MPs to add a 1p charge to each garment sold, in order to raise £35m a year to reduce the environmental costs of ‘fast fashion’. Fast fashion is used to describe an increasingly accelerated fashion empire that focuses on low costs and speed in […]

Vicarious Trauma And Its Undeniable Link To Consumption Of Media

Vicarious trauma is increasingly being experienced by people because of social media. Social media makes content easily accessible, but also curates our feeds to engage our attention for long periods of time – this can be useful if someone enjoys harmless, fun content like cat videos, but can be detrimental […]