Daily Archives: June 23, 2019

Himalayan Glaciers Are Melting Rapidly According To American Scientists

The melting glaciers in the Himalayas have brought fear into the international arena as Cold War spy-satellite images have recently surfaced. The American scientists who studied the data have stated that the “glaciers are melting about twice as fast as they used to”. According to the American academic journal, ‘Science […]

Johnson Skips TV Debate As PM Hopefuls Spar Over Brexit

Last Sunday, Boris Johnson refused to participate in a televised debate with five other contenders vying to become Britain’s next prime minister, prompting criticism from rival candidates. Participants of the debate on Channel 4’s broadcast faced questions regarding their solution to the stalled Brexit process. “Where is Boris?” Foreign Secretary […]

Online Platforms Slow To Tackle Disinformation As EU Announces Russian Interference In Parliamentary Elections

A report released by the European Union (EU) on Friday presented evidence which suggests that Russia is using disinformation to impede elections to the EU parliament. According to the report, the aim was to sway voters towards right-wing parties by using disinformation to spread polarizing views on topics such as […]

Correcting The Original Sin: Congress Debates Reparations For Slave Descendants

After almost a decade, lawmakers in Congress have reapproached the topic of America’s  enslavement of 4 million Africans and their descendants. The Congressional hearing was held on the June 19th, or ‘Juneteenth’, a day which commemorates the Union Troops landing in Galveston, Texas in 1865 as they declared freedom for […]