Daily Archives: June 21, 2019

Retaliatory Ethnic Violence Is Destabilizing Central Mali

Dozens of people have been reportedly killed in attacks on two villages in central Mali amid rapidly deteriorating security conditions. A local mayor told Reuters News Agency that unidentified gunmen arrived on motorbikes before attacking the villages of Yoro and Gangafani. According to Malian military officials, 41 mostly ethnic Dogons […]

Eight Dead After Migrant Boat Sinks Off Turkish Coast

Early on the morning of June 17th, eight were found dead after a boat capsized off the coast of Turkey. En route to the Greek islands, the boat’s 40 passengers sailed in hopes of finding refuge. Though their exact destination was unknown, it is likely that these Syrian refugees were […]

UN Counter-Terrorism Head, Vladimir Voronkov, Visits Xinjiang

 UN Office of Counter-Terrorism head, Vladimir Voronkov, has visited the capital of Xinjiang in China, at the invitation of Beijing. The North-Western region of China is home to millions of ethnic Uyghurs and Turkic peoples, with close to one million of these held in detention centres in the name of […]

Scottish Climate Activists In Parliament ‘Rebel’ Camp

Scottish members of Extinction Rebellion, an environmental socio-political movement, have set up a campsite in the grounds of the Scottish parliament calling on the government to do more to tackle climate change. These protests come in response to the climate bill being debated this week by Scottish parliament, aiming to […]