Day: May 28, 2019

Militia Violence Continues To Displace Colombian Farmers

Two years on from the monumental peace agreement which brought an end to Colombia’s 52-year civil war, the state still remains significantly unstable. Following decades of conflict between the government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), local militia groups have seized the opportunity created by the ceasefire’s power

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Rohingyan Crisis remains at ‘total standstill’ according to UN Fact Finding Mission

Last week, the UN International Fact-Finding Mission in Myanmar (FFM) urged the international community to pressure Myanmarese authorities to take direct action in the Rohingya crisis as widespread human rights abuses and overcrowded refugee camps continue to plague the community. Myanmar’s carelessness faced sharp criticism by FFM Chairperson Marzuki Darusman

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Huawei: Tech Innovator or Espionage Agency?

Huawei, a leading Chinese multinational tech company, has emerged as a central target of Trump’s trade war with China, with US companies now requiring federal approval before selling to the tech giant. This arrives as 5G technology, an ultra-fast upgrade in the telecommunications industry, is set to be unveiled to

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Ethiopia’s Drafted Legislation Against Hate Speech Threatens Journalistic Freedoms

Over the past year the government of Ethiopia, headed by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, has produced progressive reforms to increase journalistic freedoms and freedom of expression. Such freedoms have been frequently and harshly repressed by previous governments. However, with these freedoms inevitably arise complications, namely a rising culture of disinformation

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