Daily Archives: May 20, 2019

Reopening Of Aladza Mosque Masks Deep Ethnic Tensions In Bosnia 1

Thousands turned out on Saturday May 4th for the ceremonial opening of Aladza Mosque in the eastern Bosnian city of Foca. The opening of this mosque is significant as it was one of 12 destroyed during the Bosnian War of 1992-95 – part of wider ethnic conflicts throughout the region […]

Death Toll Rises As Clashes In Gaza Continue 1

The first weekend of May saw the most intense fighting in the Gaza Strip since the war in 2014, with 24 Palestinians and four Israelis killed in the ongoing violence. The New York Times reports that this latest outbreak seems to have begun on Friday when a Palestinian sniper wounded […]

A Third Wave Revolution – Sudan’s Current Revolution And The Fall Of Bashir

In recent weeks, an inspiring photograph went viral of a Sudanese woman dressed in white standing atop a car with her hand pointed high, leading protesters in songs of revolt against the regime of President Omar Hassan al-Bashir. On Thursday April 11, after more than 30 years in power, Sudanese dictator Bashir was […]

Trump And Putin Discuss Nuclear Pact And Global Issues In Phone Call

On 4 May, U.S President Donald Trump tweeted that he had a “long and very good” talk with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Among the topics discussed were North Korean denuclearisation, Ukraine, the political situation in Venezuela, and the possibility of a new nuclear accord. This comes after increasing tension between […]