Daily Archives: May 3, 2019

Institutional Failure: Churchill’s Policies Responsible for 1943 Bengal Famine – Study

For years there has been debate surrounding the late Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s culpability in the 1943 Bengal famine in the then-British India. A new study provides scientific backing that the 1943 famine, which is estimated to have killed three million people, was the only one in modern Indian history […]

School Student Murdered For Reporting Sexual Harassment In Bangladesh

Nusrat Jahan Rafi, a 19-year old Bangladeshi school student, has died after having been set on fire for her attempts to fight sexual harassment. She had reported her headteacher to the police for behaving inappropriately. When footage of her testimony, recorded on a police officer’s phone, was leaked to local […]

General Haftar Continues Advance On Tripoli

Libyan National Army (LNA) forces will continue their advance on the capital of Libya, general Khalifa Haftar, leader of the self-proclaimed eastern parliament, has said. Haftar launched the offensive on April 4 in order to capture the capital and west of Libya from the UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA), […]