Daily Archives: April 28, 2019

Sudan’s Military Promises To Reform Intelligence Services

Just days after Sudan’s infamous authoritarian leader Omar Al-Bashir stepped down, the country is continuing to experience administrative upheavals. After more protests, the ruling military council has announced several concessions. In particular, Shams Eldin Kabashi, a spokesman for the council, vowed on Sunday to restructure the National Intelligence and Security […]

Taliban Announces Spring Offensive In Afghanistan Despite Peace Talks

On Friday 12 April, the Taliban announced the beginning of the Spring Offensive in Afghanistan called Operation Fath, or “Victory”. In a statement, the group reinforced their “unbreakable Jihadi determination,” and stated that they had “new tactics, public support, influence inside enemy ranks and advanced weapons.” Townships and urban areas […]

Trump Invokes Second Veto Of Presidency To Maintain U.S. Involvement In Yemen War

Only last month, U.S President Donald Trump invoked the first veto of his presidency to override an attempt by Congress to prevent the construction of ‘the wall’ across the U.S-Mexico border. This week saw Trump use his second veto, this time to prevent Congress from ending U.S involvement in the […]

Colombia’s Legislature Rejects President’s Changes To Peace Tribunal

On April 8th, Columbia’s House of Representatives rejected President Ivan Duque’s proposed amendments to the law which governs the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) tribunal by 110 votes to 44. The vote was expected to fail because the peace accord, as part of the constitution, requires a two thirds supermajority […]

Arrest Made Following Arson Attacks On Three Louisiana Churches

A 21-year old white man, Holden Matthews, has been arrested for setting fire to three Baptist churches in Louisiana with majority African American congregations. The St. Mary, Greater Union, and Mount Pleasant Baptist churches were burned down successively between 26 March and 4 April. No one was injured, but the […]