Daily Archives: April 17, 2019

Libya’s GNA Forces Announce ‘Counteroffensive’ To Defend Tripoli

On Sunday, the conflict in Libya began to escalate as U.N.-backed forces announced a counteroffensive to defend the capitol from rebel forces. These forces, led by strongman Khalifa Haftar, had announced a successful first air strike in a suburb of Tripoli, leading to the response from the U.N. Haftar’s forces, […]

UN Condemns Rakhine Attacks: An Internal Burmese Conflict Rises

On the evening of 3 April, two military helicopters flew over Hpon Nyo Leik village in south Buthidaung township in Myanmar, firing on Rohingya Muslims who were tending their cows and paddy fields. According to the sources, at least seven civilians have been killed and more than 18 injured. The […]

U.S. Congress Votes To End Involvement In Yemeni Civil War

On Thursday the U.S. House of Representatives passed a resolution to end U.S. involvement in the ongoing Yemeni Civil War. The conflict, which began in 2015 following an attempted takeover of the nation by Houthi rebels, has led to what the UN has called “the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.” Since […]

UN-Haiti Relationship ‘Must Evolve’: Haiti’s Dependency on the UN

Haiti stands ‘at the crossroad’ for peacekeeping and development. The peacekeeping goals established by the UN are almost fulfilled, although the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet has criticized the withdrawal stating that ceasing aid is too much of a risk for Haiti’s future, and later saying we […]

United Nations Condemns Myanmar Military Attack On Civilians

The United Nations has recently openly condemned the actions of Myanmar against the civilian Rohingya population of the Rhakine state. The recent efforts to fight off the Arakan army within the area has led to civilians being put in the line of fire, leading to the numbers of dead and […]

The Rohingya Refugee Crisis: Will 2019 See A Move Back To Myanmar?

For many Rohingya’s, the year 2018 was a desperate year. Two thirds of the minority group’s population living in the Rakhine state of Myanmar made the journey into neighbouring Bangladesh. The focal point of said migration, Cox’s Bazar, holds an insurmountable number of refugees, totalling more than a million. It […]

ISIS’s Territory Defeated, Yet Violence Continues As Syrian Forces Shell Idlib

The Syrian Government’s forces, under the leadership of Bashar Al-Assad, have shelled the rebel-held city of Idlib in the North West region of Syria. On Thursday 4th April, the artillery attacks were reported to have struck a market in Kafr Nabl, marking the latest violence to threaten a seven-month-old brokered […]