Daily Archives: April 5, 2019

Unsafe Water Kills More Children In War Than Bullets, UNICEF Report Finds

A UNICEF Report has found that children under the age of five are 20 times more likely to die from diseases related to unsafe water, sanitation and hygiene, than from direct violence as a result of war. Released to coincide with World Water Day, the report emphasises the importance of […]

Brunei Enact Law Making Homosexuality Punishable By Stoning

Beginning on April 3rd, new laws came into effect in the small South East Asian kingdom of Brunei, rendering homosexual sex and adultery a crime punishable by stoning to death according to a new penal code, which will be witnessed by a group of Muslims. The Muslim-Majority absolute monarchy will put […]

Xenophobia In South Africa

On April 23rd 2015, thousands marched through the streets of Johannesburg’s Central Business District to protest a wave of xenophobic attacks in South Africa. In March 2019, similar attacks were reported, this time in Durban. The locals are targeting foreigners, who they accuse of taking their jobs and being the […]

United States Revokes Visa Access For ICC Members Seeking to Prosecute Afghanistan War Crimes

On March 15th, United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that the country will revoke or deny the visas of International Criminal Court (ICC) personnel seeking to bring the potential war crimes committed in Afghanistan by US forces under investigation. According to Al Jazeera, the request cited information that […]

Teenage Palestinian Medic Killed By Israeli Troops

17-year-old Sajid Muzher, a volunteer medic, was killed this week when the Israeli army raided the Dheisheh refugee camp in the Palestinian West Bank. He was shot in the stomach, and later died at the Beit Jala Hospital in the West Bank, according to Al Jazeera. The Times of Israel […]

Ten People Killed In Niger

In the Nigerien town of N’Guigmi, ten people have been killed and at least nine more have been injured in a terrorist attack suspected to be carried out by the jihadist terrorist group, Boko Haram. Two female suicide bombers killed themselves by detonating bombs inside police barracks as well as […]

India Shoots Down Satellite In Test, Concerns Over Security And Space Junk

In the latest move for India’s rapidly expanding space program, the government announced on March 27th that they had successfully shot down a satellite in space. Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a televised announcement to address the test, claiming that India had now established itself as a space power joining […]