Daily Archives: March 10, 2019

China Rejects Turkey’s Uighur Criticism While Denying Poet’s Death

Chinese officials are under fire due to claims from Turkey saying Uighur poet, Abdurehim Heyit, was killed under their custody. Turkey has long criticized China for its treatment of the Uighurs living in Xinjiang, though the Chinese have been quick to dispute their criticisms. Last Sunday, a video was released […]

UK Urged By The ICJ To End Its Colonial Administration Of The Chago Archipelago “As Rapidly as Possible”

Nowadays when we speak of colonialism it is implicitly assumed that it is a past phenomenon. However, the Chagos Islands remain colonized by the UK, who now uses the islands for defense purposes. On Monday the 25th of February The International Court of Justice stated that the UK Government is […]

Saudi Arabian Human Rights Abuses Reprimanded By United Nations

In a rare move, dozens of countries have stingingly rebuked Saudi Arabia’s treatment of detained activists, including imprisoned women’s rights campaigners. The statement included all 28 European Union members, as well as many other Western nations, and was issued in this Thursday’s session of the United Nations Human Rights Council. […]

Sudan’s Bashir Bans Protests, Steps Down as Ruling Party Leader

For over two months Sudan’s embattled President Omar al-Bashir has contended with emboldened protestors, calling for his resignation. Though public gatherings and protests have been inundated with violence and mass arrests, Sudanese demonstrators have persisted, forcing Bashir to confront sustained anti-government street unrests. Last Monday, in an attempt to quash […]

Ethnic Violence Is Rising In Burkina Faso Along With Violent Extremism

Inter-communal and ethnic violence in Burkina Faso continues to escalate, with over 100,000 having been displaced and lacking sufficient humanitarian aid funds. The wave of ethnic violence began in January 2019, with a Mossi-led attack on Fulani neighbourhoods in the village of Yirgou, leaving least 13 dead. The attack had […]

Gaza Protesters Call Upon Palestinian Leader Abbas To Quit

On Sunday the 24th February, thousands of people gathered in Al-Sarya square in Gaza City calling for President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, to quit. The protests were organised by the Gaza–based Popular Movement for National Salvation – a group comprised of a number of Palestinian factions, including Hamas and other opponents of […]