Day: February 22, 2019

The Fate Of The 1,159-page Bipartisan Border Compromise Introduced To The US Congress

A 1,159-page bipartisan border compromise was introduced to the United States Congress late on February 13th to hopefully avert another government shutdown. Within its many pages, the bill called the “Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2019” contains $1.375 billion for building 55 miles of physical barriers  at the U.S-Mexico border, well below

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Afghan Interpreters Renew U.K. Asylum Plea

Last week, four Afghan interpreters renewed their plea to the United Kingdom for asylum. The four worked for the British army in Afghanistan for several years and received commendation for their work but were denied U.K. asylum due to a policy restricting relocation to only the time frame after they

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Bangladesh Proposes A ‘Safe Zone’ For Rohingya Refugees

Bangladesh’s Foreign Minister, Ak Abdul Momen, has proposed establishing a ‘safe zone’ for Rohingya Refugees in Myanmar. In an interview with media reporters in Dhaka last Sunday, Momen declared that Bangladesh expected to work with China, Russia and India in order to tackle the Rohingya refugee crisis. Under the supervision

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