Day: February 19, 2019

Millions Disappointed Over Last-Minute Delay In Nigerian Elections

Nigeria’s electoral commission decided only hours before polls opened on Saturday to postpone the country’s presidential election by a week. This move has many concerned about the possibility of low voter turnout because Nigeria lacks an absentee ballot system and many citizens cannot afford to return to their polling locations

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Government Officials In Haiti Set To Lose Economic Perks

Government officials in Haiti are set to lose their perks, under emergency economic and anti-corruption measures announced on Saturday by Prime Minister Jean-Henry Ceant. This is in response to deadly protests which have been occurring – corruption being the main cause of discontent – where protesters want President Jovenel Moise

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Catalan Separatists Face The Spanish Supreme Court

Since the failed Catalan independence movement of October 2017, Spain has been seething with political tension. Twelve separatists leaders, now standing trial in Madrid, stand at the nexus of a political battle that stretches back decades. As the defendants appeared before the Spanish Supreme Court, the division that has formed

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