Day: January 29, 2019

Leading Palestinian Activist Wins Payout After Terror Blacklist

Palestinian Activist, Majed Al-Zeer wins $13,000 payout plus legal fees from the high court of London for being placed in the World-Check’s terrorism category. The officially court announcement came early Monday the 21st and Al-Zeer has been removed from the list as well. The leading Palestinian activist was originally placed

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Venezuela – On The Cusp Of Freedom Or Civil War?

Following years of hyperinflation, political unrest, and a flat-lining economy, the proclamation on Thursday by Juan Guaidó declaring himself as interim President of Venezuela certainly has brought about national and international hope towards securing a stable and free state Venezuela. In retaliation, President Nicolas Maduro on the 23rd ordered US Embassy

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Australia’s Animals Reveal the Effects of Climate Change

Australia’s animal life has revealed the disastrous effects of climate change as a heat wave rages over the nation. Australia heat wave in its South East region has had areas in the north of Adelaide reaching 49 Degrees Celsius (120 Degrees Fahrenheit). Unsurprisingly, the heat wave and drought have caused

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Israeli Army Targets Iranian Forces In Syria

Last week, the Israeli army took responsibility for an attack on Iranian targets in Syria. The New York Times wrote that Israel claimed the strike was a retaliation for an Iranian attack on an Israeli ski resort, in which no one was harmed – Israel successfully intercepted the missile. The

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