Daily Archives: January 27, 2019

Sweden Hosts ‘Constructive’ North Korea Talks, Eyes On Second Summit With The U.S.

Earlier this week, several parleys between North Korea, South Korea, and Swedish intermediaries concluded productively in Stockholm, with delegates from the United States also having attended many of these discussions. All parties involved purportedly sought peaceful solutions to developing strong economic and political relations with one another. The attending agents […]

Potential Peace In Afghanistan As The US And Taliban Meet

This week representatives from the Taliban and the U.S. have met for 6 days in Qatar to discuss an 18 month strategy for withdrawing U.S. troops from Afghanistan. Although agreements have not been finalised, U.S. representative Zalmay Khalilzad tweeted that the talks have been “more productive than they have been […]

Saudi Scholar Dies In Prison Due To Alleged Torture

Recently, a popular Imam and preacher at Medina’s Prophet Mosque, Ahmed al-Amari, has died while in prison. In an Al-Jazeera article published on January 21st, activists had argued al-Amari’s death was the result of poor conditions in the prison. Al-Amari’s son Abudllah had taken to Twitter to confirm his father’s […]

Venezuelans Bear The Brunt Of Political Turmoil

Let’s be blunt about it- the situation in Venezuela is dreadful. On January 10, President Nicolás Maduro began his second term following a controversial, widely-disputed election. Last year, Maduro’s campaign survived violent protests across Caracas, nationwide marches led by the opposition, and even a drone assassination attempt, The Guardian reports. […]

Zimbabwe Military Targets Children As ‘Enemies Of The State’

Within the past week, dozens of civilians in Zimbabwe have been targeted, detained, and even killed by the country’s military amid protests over the proposed increase in fuel prices. The military, which has played a pivotal role in the country’s leadership since its independence from British rule in 1980, has […]

Japan’s Supreme Court Upholds Transgender Sterilisation Requirement

On Thursday, Japan’s Supreme Court unanimously upheld a controversial law that requires transgender people to undergo a sterilization procedure before they can apply to legally change their gender. The Supreme Court reasoned that even though the ruling implies a restriction on individual freedom, it is constitutional as the law is […]

Greece Ratifies New Name For Neighbor: North Macedonia

On January 25, Greece ratified an agreement that puts an end to a 28-year dispute over the use of the name “Macedonia”.  The Greek Parliament voted 153 to 146 to ratify the Prespa Agreement, under which their neighboring country’s name will be changed to the Republic of North Macedonia, and […]

Internet Shutdown Ruled Unlawful: Zimbabwe Slips Back Toward Authoritarian Rule

Zimbabwe’s High Court ruled that the government had exceeded its authority when it ordered an internet blackout during last week’s violent protests. High Court Judge, Owen Tagu, ordered all telecommunications companies to immediately resume full service, a ruling that came as a sharp rebuke against the government’s previous command. It is […]