Daily Archives: January 18, 2019

Greek Prime Minister Survives No-Confidence Vote Over Macedonia Name Change 1

Greek Prime Minister Alex Tsipras survived a no-confidence vote following the withdrawal of the nationalist ANEL party from the ruling coalition led by his Syriza party. The withdrawal was in protest to the progression of the Prespa Agreement between Greece and Macedonia, which aimed to settle the longstanding name dispute […]

Syrian Refugee Camps In Lebanon Devastated by Storms

Living conditions for Syrian refugees in Bekaa Valley, Lebanon have plummeted in the aftermath of a storm which resulted in widespread flooding and the destruction of hundreds of makeshift camps. Storm Norma, which has affected over 22,000 refugees according to the UN, hit Lebanon’s eastern and northern region last week, […]

After The Election, Where Is Bangladesh Heading?

In the 21st-century the economy of Bangladesh has witnessed a tremendous change. Once a low-income country, Bangladesh is now ranked 41st within the world economy, taking the second place in South Asia (India currently being first). It is believed that the growth will continue and that  Bangladesh will become the 24th […]

Ivorian Government Urges Gbagbo To Play The Role Of ‘Mandela’ In The Healing Process

Members of the Ivorian government have reacted to the decision of the International Criminal Court (ICC) to release ex-President, Laurent Koudou Gbagbo by calling on the former statesman to play the role Nelson Mandela played in South Africa when he left prison in 1990. While meeting in an emergency meeting […]

Cambodian Prime Minister Threatens Opposition Over EU Sanctions

The opposition to Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has come under threat yet again as the European Union considers withdrawing duty-free trade with Cambodia. This move, intiated in November 2018, is in response to human rights concerns over crackdowns against the opposition party in the lead up to Hun Sen’s […]