Daily Archives: December 29, 2018

Italy’s Salvini Decree Is Forcing Thousands Into Homelessness And Insecurity

Italy’s populist, centre-right government has begun the implementation of its newest piece of legislation, the Salvini Decree, and its effect on the lives of migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers is becoming clear. The Decree was passed into law in late November, reinforcing the anti-migrant rhetoric of Italy’s new government coalition. […]

How An Independent Ukrainian Orthodox Church Could Have Geopolitical Ramifications 1

In October, Eastern Orthodox Church leader Patriarch Bartholomew I declared the Ukrainian Church’s independence from the Russian Orthodox Church. The Istanbul-based leader, considered “first amongst equals,” granted the Ukrainian Church a “Tomos of Autocephaly,” which allows the Ukrainian Church full independence. This has resulted in the largest schism in the […]

Libya Calls For Partial Arms Embargo Lift After Foreign Ministry Attacked

Three people, including a senior civil servant, were killed during an attack on Libya’s Foreign Ministry last Tuesday. The three attackers also died on the scene: one was shot by security forces and the other two were killed by the detonation of explosives they were carrying. Daesh claimed responsibility the […]

UN Cracks Down On Human Trafficking In Libya

The United Nations Security Council, led by the Netherlands, recently adopted a resolution to sanction perpetrators of human trafficking and sexual abuse in Libya, CNN writes. The sanctions require countries to freeze the assets of individuals committing these crimes and prevent them from travelling. This is a timely strengthening of […]