Daily Archives: November 22, 2018

Rohingya Refugees To Remain Safe As Repatriation Plans Face A Dead End: A Positive Turn For The Better

As of 16th November, a clear shift away from Rohingya repatriation efforts can be evidenced. Following months of outcry by Rohingya refugees and strong critiques of repatriation plans and negotiations by Rohingya leaders, high-level human rights agencies, and not-for-profits- Bangladesh has indeed heeded the concerns expressed. Prior to arriving at […]

Migrant Workers Exploited In Qatar In Preparation For The Fifa World Cup

Migrants who seek employment in Qatar in hope of a better future for their families often end up worse than they began, a Guardian report has found. Further information has released this week regarding the lack of human rights and labour protection for migrants in Qatar, specifically in preparation for […]