Daily Archives: October 26, 2018

Indian Supreme Court Allows All Women To Enter Sabarimala Temple: Is Legal Reform Enough?

India’s Supreme Court recently struck down a law banning women from entering one of Hinduism’s holiest sites – the Sabarimala temple, in India’s southern state of Kerala. This decision quickly intensified ire and anger amongst the violent mobs of Indian men who view allowing women of menstruating age (usually defined in […]

Israeli Settlers Implicated In The Stoning Of A Palestinian Woman

The number of violent attacks in the West Bank grew last week after a Palestinian woman died from head injuries sustained from thrown bricks. Aisha Al-Rawbi was traveling past an illegal Israeli settlement when rocks bombarded her car, resulting in the fatal strike to her head. Her husband, Yacoub was […]

China Detains President Of Interpol, Raises Questions About China’s International Diplomacy

In late September, President Meng Hongwei of Interpol took a flight to China and mysteriously disappeared. Meng’s last message to his wife was a knife emoji, potentially indicating a dangerous situation. In early October, after Beijing confirmed that it had been holding Meng in custody, French forces moved to launch […]

NATO War Games: A Ratcheting Up Of Tensions?

From October 25 to November 7, NATO forces will take part in what its Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg calls, “NATO’s biggest exercise since the end of the Cold War.”  50,000 soldiers from 31 countries, 250 aircraft, 65 naval vessels, and 10,000 military vehicles will take part in the military exercises, taking […]

Australian PM Considers Moving Embassy To Jerusalem

Last week, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced the possibility of transferring the Australian embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. This breaks a long-standing convention that Jerusalem should only be discussed in the final stages of a peace deal between Israel and Palestine. The proposal, […]

Immigrants And Asylum Seekers Detained Indeterminately In The United Kingdom Despite Being Ruled Unlawful

The United Kingdom is currently under scrutiny for continuing indeterminate detention sentences for migrants and asylum seekers despite violations to human rights. A recent survey conducted by The Guardian has shown that 84% of migrant detainees in the U.K. have no idea when they will be released, with many of them being […]